blog07 asked: Have you ever had a camera malfunction during a shoot? Is it always necessary to have a back up body? It's an added expense while I'm upgrading my camera gear. Just curious. Thanks.

Yes I had one of my 5d’s go down while I was in Alaska.  I think that if you are taking photos that are important to you (if they aren’t important why are you taking them?) then you should definitely have a back up of some sort.  That doesn’t need you need two really expensive digital cameras right, but it means you should have something you can make it work with just in case.  I travel with two 5d Mk II’s, a hasselblad, 20 disposable cameras and polaroids now, but I used to have a 40d as a back up.  When the 40d was my main camera I had a 20d back up.  When the 20d was my main camera I had a nikon fm10 as my back up.

I pretty much always have film and a camera that doesn’t need a battery just in case.


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50 Models | 50 States

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