Philadelphia, Pa 2014

Corwin Prescott - Serena Star

Philadelphia, Pa 2013

Corwin Prescott - Palesaent

Philadelphia, Pa 2013

Corwin Prescott - Precious Little

"Blue Bath"
Portland, Or 2014

Corwin Prescott - Thumbelina - See the entire set on Zivity

Atlanta, Ga 2014

Corwin Prescott - Pinkdroid - Set on Suicide girls

Philadelphia, Pa 2014

Corwin Prescott - Porcelain

"Into The Wild"
Austin, Tx 2014

Corwin Prescott - Abigail Snow

"The Jungle"
Brooklyn, Ny 2014

Corwin Prescott - Kacie Marie

Philadelphia, Pa 2014

Corwin Prescott - Anastasia Arteyeva

the-captive-kitten asked: Hi Corwin. In love with your work, honestly. Do you ever photograph "normal" girls? I say it that way, because these lovelies all seem to be models. Also, what is your favorite lens to shoot with? Thanks.

I occasionally photograph “normal girls” but only ones that contact me.  I don’t hand my business cardout, or approach people cold in public, so its fairly rare.  Most of the people I work with have already committed to being “naked on the internet” which is something you really can’t take back

I like all of my lenses equally for a while the 24-70mm F2.8L was my main lens, but they all see pretty equal use now.

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Philadelphia, Pa 2014

Corwin Prescott - Mika - See the entire set on Zivity

"The Road To Hell Was Paved With Good Intentions"
Philadelphia, Pa 2014

Corwin Prescott - Pesky - See the entire set on Zivity

"The Howl"
Columbus, Oh 2011

Corwin Prescott - Patton Suicide

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