"Light Fetish"
Philadelphia, Pa 2014

Corwin Prescott - Carrie Wilds

"The Morning Lounge"
Brooklyn, NY 2014

Corwin Prescott - Akuma Suicide - See the entire set on Zivity

"The Stories in The Soil"
Austin, TX 2012

Corwin Prescott - Amber Rose - See the entire set on Zivity

macman-animations asked: Are you going to share more of Amber Rose? You two work we'll together!

Probably at some point, but at the moment I don’t have any finished photos of her I have not posted.

"Open Wide"
Portland, Or 2014

Corwin Prescott - Floofie - See the entire set on Zivity

"The Jungle"
Brooklyn, Ny 2014

Corwin Prescott - Miss Jennette

"Skin Tight"
Philadelphia, Pa 2014

Corwin Prescott - Mika Lovely - See the entire set on Zivity

"Cat Nap"
Chicago, Il 2014

Corwin Prescott - Shilo Suicide - See the entire set on Zivity

Philadelphia, Pa 2014

Corwin Prescott - Ryann S

"The Green Belt"
Austin, Tx 2010

Corwin Prescott - London Andrews - See the entire set on Zivity

crayonscake asked: Love your work corwin! Just wondering what kind of presets/actions or filters you use to give your images that soft but crisp look?!

The only presets or actions I use in my work flow currently are ones I have made myself.

I have experimented with a bunch of different out of the box filters and none of them really maintain the integrity of the photos well enough when blown up for my liking.

"The Deserts on Fire"
Las Vegas, NV 2012

Corwin Prescott - Gerra 

"Into The Wild"
Austin, Tx 2013

Corwin Prescott - Devin Willow - See the entire set on Zivity

"Hey I don’t like that I can’t see everything you’ve ever done for free" - the internet

brooky58 asked: Zivity is asking for $84 each year (their best deal) in order to see the full set of your Ozark Stories. I would question if Zivity is the best platform to display your work. Think about it. Thank-you, Brook.

Saying that $84 dollars a year in order to see one of my sets is their best deal is kind of ridiculous.  A deal is completely relative to what you are after.  If you only want to see my set Ozark stories of Apnea they also have a great deal for just $9 for one month.  That would give you 30 days to enjoy my set of Apnea support the continued creation of that work, and also give you access to my 265 other sets.

I would question whether or not its absolute bullshit for you to come onto my blog where you view my work for $0 a month and complain about the incredibly small price $7 a month some incredibly generous art patrons are paying to help support the creation of the work you enjoy…the answer is yes.

Also not that the incredibly small subscription fee that Zivity charged to view my and hundreds of other artists work needs justified, but they are one of the most ethical companies I have ever worked with.  They treat their artists like equals, keep them well informed, allow their photographers to keep their copyright, allow models and photographers to permanently remove photos they no longer want active, do not take any free content, support their artists personal projects, push their artists to better themselves, and do not back down when big corporations try to bully them.  I couldn’t ask for a better website to be part of.