So this amazing artist Dave MacDowell did a painting based off of one of my photos.  Its absolutely beautiful, and his work has been incredibly well received in the outsider art movement, regularly featured in Juxtapoze and shown all over the country, and even in Europe.

Its truly a fantastic piece.  A gorgeous portrayal of Kacie from what was already a gorgeous photo.

The only problem is that I was never asked permission for this piece to be made, and by all rights this completely violates the rights I have for intellectual property. I’ve dealt with this before, numerous times, and normally it is somebody who makes a horribly shitty version of one of my photographs and sells it as a screen print, or book cover, or what have you.

David made something fantastic, so rather than have him destroy it, which after I contacted him I was given the option to do.  I settled to let it exist provided I receive proper credit for what is his use of my intellectual property, and a tiny amount of financial compensation if the piece sells.

I’m not greedy his pieces sell for nearly 40x what my print of the same image does.

But thus far I have received no credit what so ever on any of the numerous times he has posted pictures of the image, no credit in the gallery, and no credit even on facebook.

So for those of you who don’t understand why I get so irate about paintings and sketches being done of my work this is why.  Even when I try to be reasonable it doesn’t work out.  You’d think an artist a million times more established than myself would see how big of a slight to me and the art community this kind of shit is.  Its not flattering, its not helping my career, and its basically an insult to the medium of photography.

You’d think they’d understand having been where I am before, but they don’t.  So this is why the next time this happens I’m saying “torch the fucking thing.”  I work too hard to deal with this kind of aloof bullshit.

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    FOREVER REBLOG. This is incredibly frustrating. I can understand what Corwin is going thru….. ack. Bullshit.
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    Rachel is again making the valid point of how crappy creative theft is. Come on guys, how difficult is into just ask...
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    Classic art theft
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    I really like this pic