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“The Passion of The Christ”

Corwin Prescott - Cam Damage

This image is now available as an extremely limited edition print.  Only 5 are going to be made!  11x17” pigment print $100 each.  Shipping is flat rate world wide.

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"She Could Taste Fresh Pools"
Philadelphia, Pa 2011

Corwin Prescott - Cam Damage

Corwin Prescott - Cam Damage - Pre-Order

Cam is rapidly becoming one of my favorite people to work with.  She is absolutely gorgeous, wears butt plugs for photos, and calls me sir all the time.  What is not to like.  Being called sir makes me feel like a classy broad.

That said I’m going to do an edition of 10 prints of this photo.  You can pre-order your copy by clicking the link above or below.  They should be done and ready to ship out this monday.

Corwin Prescott - Cam Damage