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Trashed issue of Uncropped Magazine

“Doll Face” by Corwin Prescott featuring Kacie Marie and Chelsea Christian

I came up for the idea for this issue a few months ago while driving across the country and crashing night after night in the dumpy motels that line the highways coast to coast.  The aesthetics of these places always vacillates for me between repulsive and comforting.  They are just Trashed.

I didn’t want it to just be an issue of 10 photographers shooting in hotels though, so I stole an assignment from one of my favorite teachers, Robert Golding, who recently passed away where we had to take professional images with disposable cameras.  No rules, just make art with the cheapest camera money can buy.

You can see the entire thing in print by clicking here to order (international orders go to  And subscribe to see exclusive outtakes.

"Finally, The Touch of Mean Gods"
Philadelphia, Pa 2012

Corwin Prescott
- Chelsea Christian

Corwin Prescott - Chelsea Christian - Zivity