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"Second Beach" by Corwin Prescott
February 27th 2014

I swore to myself this was the trip. After four years of traveling and five visits to Olympic National Park I still hadn’t figured out how to find and photograph the Sea Stars that the coast of Washington is so known for. I’d seen a few here and there, but mostly they were tucked in-between rocks, hidden in spots that while interesting were never photogenic.

To get this photo I did the hike down to Second Beach three times over two days. Scouting at high tide and low tide, and waiting for the right weather. Getting a decent sunset on the Olympic Peninsula is a pretty rare occurrence. Dense rain clouds darken the skies day and night for days at a time. The constant showers destroy camera equipment, flood tents, and generally wear you down, so even after I found a great place to photograph the sea stars there was never a guarantee that I would get a decent photo.

After two days of rain the weather broke, I could see the clouds in the sky loosen up, and bits of sun made it through in the afternoon. These are the perfect clouds for a sunset photo, they let just enough light in for beautiful color, but the light is soft enough to not create harsh shadows on the landscape.

I tore back down to the beach for a second time that day, to the perfect spot. This was the very fist exposure.

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50 Models | 50 States

Corwin Prescott
 - Floofie

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50 Models | 50 States

Corwin Prescott
 - Floofie

Buy the E-Book now for just $12.99:

50 Models | 50 States

Corwin Prescott
 - Floofie

Buy the E-Book now for just $12.99:

"The Rising Lands"
Juneau, AK 2013

by Corwin Prescott

"Risen From the Sea"
Olympic National Park, WA by Corwin Prescott

"Boys, sometimes you gotta get your feet wet"

The old man walked across the flooded river in the rain, umbrella over his head and waders up to the knee, while Steven and I stood on the opposite bank watching dressed entirely inappropriately.

My normal water proof boots had been pushed much too hard in days previous having proven to be capable of with standing the cold, but not the water. Regardless though his chiding challenge had been laid down, and we knew we had to cross in order to get the photos we wanted.

So we crossed the river. Cold, wet, and with the Olympic rain coming down on us we reached the other side Steven barefoot, and my second pair of boots now completely soaked.

Then the rain picked up. After taking just a few photos the old man walked back past me, and muttered “Well that got bad quick didn’t it.” He walked back across the now even deeper river, and I followed shortly after, having given up on trying to keep my feet dry, and fairly certain I hadn’t taken a decent photo.

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"It Will Follow the Rain"
Lucia Falls, WA

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Corwin Prescott

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I have followed Corwin pretty much since I started my tumblr account. I am fascinated by his use of lighting, the concepts he comes up with and the overall feel that comes from viewing his photos.
When he told me he was coming to Portland and wanted to work with me, there was no hesitation..I needed to work with him.
When we met I knew that he was someone that I could get along with and that our shoot was going to go great. I really enjoyed our conversations, he is open and honest about everything, which is a hard quality to find nowadays.
Our shoot was in Washington park in Portland and as we trekked up the hills we found beautiful spots of foliage and light, making for some really gorgeous photos (as you can see).
After our shoot he invited myself and my bf out for drinks with him and Vaunt at the Rogue Brewery. We met up that night and had a great time drinking and eating.
I really enjoyed working with Corwin, it was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to do it again. He is such a nice, down to earth person it’s hard not to like him. I also had a great time hanging out with Vaunt, she is such a sweetie. :)
I hope to see Corwin when he makes his 50 states/50 models tour. Help him out by donating!!!! You can do this by going to his tumblr so go forth and support art ^_^

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Corwin Prescott - Verronica DivineUnlock this set on Zivity

Corwin Prescott - Verronica DivineSee the entire set on Zivity

Shooting with Verronica was a real treat.  I have been through Portland, Oregon quite a few times, but never really had the opportunity to stay for long enough to do anything but grab a bite to eat, and get a new pair of shoes, so I was really excited when my good friend and traveling nude model Velocity moved out there and offered us up a place to stay the next time we came through town.

I’m sure many of you have seen the tv show Portlandia, and had a good laugh, but really the show is nearly spot on, and the city of Portland is an awesome place to visit with large parks that one can easily disappear into for some fine art nude photography.

So my first day in town I snuck in a delicious lunch at the Prickly Ash food track and then took off to meet up with Verronica for our shoot.  I always love the challenging process of finding the perfect place to shoot when I am in a new city, fortunately Portland was pretty easy, and despite the fact that I had ruined my hiking shoes the day before we managed to get around the Parks to find a large camouflaged hobo camp, as well as some amazing locations to shoot.  Even better I only fell on my ass once or twice while hiking some extremely slippery trails in horribly shitty foot wear.

Verronica was absolutely fantastic as well, absolutely gorgeous, intelligent, and fantastically aware of how her poses should work in the environment.  She bent herself into the small twisting beams of light that wove and shook themselves through the tree top, and contorted with the winds blowing the flora about her.  Our shoot went fantastically and we managed to get everything I could have wanted and more in what was probably only an hour or two.

She will undoubtedly be the model for my 50 models 50 states project for the state of Oregon when I get back out there, and I absolutely can’t wait to see what we manage to do given a second opportunity to work together.

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