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"Return to Nature"
Portland, Oregon

Corwin Prescott - Verronica Divine - See the entire set on Zivity

"50 Models 50 States"
Alaska, New York, Connecticut, Georgia 2012-2013

One of the hardest parts about this project was finding locations.  A lot of times I could find a model for a state, but she would be hundreds of miles away from the location I had in mind, and time wise it just wouldn’t have been possible to make them all work out, so early on I ditched the idea of having a clue where I was going to shoot before hand.  This gave me a lot more freedom and ultimately a lot more stress.

Letting go of knowing exactly where I was going to shoot also really helped me grow as a photographer. and really made me more adaptable to a ton of variables I was forced to run into.  Sunny days, cloudy days, rain, forests, spectators, deep woods hikes, shoots barely off the trail all came about in the search for locations.  I got to learn how to handle tons of less than desirable shooting situations, but still get an image that I was happy with.  It also let the book become much more than just nudes in nature.

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Models pictures above Miss Fifi, London Andrews, Najva Sol, and V Nixie.

"The Boiling Pots"
Hawaii, 2013

Corwin Prescott
 - Vaunt - See the entire set on Zivity

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"Will It Be Enough"
Philadelphia, Pa 2013

Corwin Prescott - Mika Lovely

Richmond, VA 2013

Corwin Prescott - Sonnie Marie - See the entire set on Zivity

"This Should Be Played at High Volumes"

Corwin Prescott - Alysha Nett - Buy this polaroid

"A Coming Grey Storm"
Philadelphia, Pa 2013

Corwin Prescott - Roarie Yum

"Like a Narwhal in a Tuna Trap"
Raleigh, NC 2013

Corwin Prescott - Porcelain - See the entire set on Zivity

"Images for Mist"
Custer, SD 2013

We spent three or four days in Custer, outside of peak season, which turns the entire area into somewhat of a ghost town.  Shops, restaurants, really everything with the exception of Dairy Queen closes before the sun sets, and you are left alone with many hours to kill.  Alone with a big park to explore.

The first three days, the weather was terrible for what I do, bright and sunny.  I drove past so many spots thinking of the photos that could be on a cloudy day.

We knew we were going to be staying long enough to get what we wanted at least according to the weather report.  When we woke up on our last day to the sound of rain sprinkling against the tent and the temperature below 80°F, we sprung into action.

I dropped my friend Steven off at Sylvan lake, so he could get a landscape he had been thinking about for days, and Vaunt and I took to Needles Highway, half in search of mountain goats (all we found was mountain goat poop,) and half in search of a place to shoot.  On the right day the images make themselves.  We found a nice nook between to massive summits.  Vaunt holding this incredibly uncomfortable pose, while dangled precariously over a 600 foot drop as I snapped photo after photo as fast as I could.

So much of photographing nature is just waiting for the right moment where the weather, sun, and location come together for you.

Corwin Prescott - Nicole Vaunt - Print for Sale

"It Will Follow the Rain"
Lucia Falls, WA

Corwin Prescott - Stephanie Edmark - Print for Sale

Corwin Prescott - Sara Liz

Corwin Prescott - Sara Liz

Los Angeles, Ca 2013

Corwin Prescott - Rivi Madison - See the entire set on Zivity

Los Angeles, Ca 2013

Corwin Prescott - Rivi Madison - See the entire set on Zivity

Los Angeles, Ca 2013

Corwin Prescott - Rivi Madison - See the entire set on Zivity