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"From Black Soils"
Volcano National Park, HI

Corwin Prescott - Vaunt - See the entire set on Zivity

Corwin Prescott - Verronica DivineUnlock this set on Zivity

Corwin Prescott - Verronica DivineSee the entire set on Zivity

Shooting with Verronica was a real treat.  I have been through Portland, Oregon quite a few times, but never really had the opportunity to stay for long enough to do anything but grab a bite to eat, and get a new pair of shoes, so I was really excited when my good friend and traveling nude model Velocity moved out there and offered us up a place to stay the next time we came through town.

I’m sure many of you have seen the tv show Portlandia, and had a good laugh, but really the show is nearly spot on, and the city of Portland is an awesome place to visit with large parks that one can easily disappear into for some fine art nude photography.

So my first day in town I snuck in a delicious lunch at the Prickly Ash food track and then took off to meet up with Verronica for our shoot.  I always love the challenging process of finding the perfect place to shoot when I am in a new city, fortunately Portland was pretty easy, and despite the fact that I had ruined my hiking shoes the day before we managed to get around the Parks to find a large camouflaged hobo camp, as well as some amazing locations to shoot.  Even better I only fell on my ass once or twice while hiking some extremely slippery trails in horribly shitty foot wear.

Verronica was absolutely fantastic as well, absolutely gorgeous, intelligent, and fantastically aware of how her poses should work in the environment.  She bent herself into the small twisting beams of light that wove and shook themselves through the tree top, and contorted with the winds blowing the flora about her.  Our shoot went fantastically and we managed to get everything I could have wanted and more in what was probably only an hour or two.

She will undoubtedly be the model for my 50 models 50 states project for the state of Oregon when I get back out there, and I absolutely can’t wait to see what we manage to do given a second opportunity to work together.

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