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Corwin Prescott - Meluxine - Uncropped Magazine

Uncropped Magazine Volume III is almost sold out.  Featured artists for this issue include the amazing Alysha Nett, Julian Humphries, Sophie Nova, and Elena Jasic, and many more!

If you live in the United States you can get your own copy right now by clicking here

or go to the website if you live outside of the United States

Hooray Sophie Nova.  Its been a while since I have posted, half because I have not done a lot of shooting this month due to cancellations, and half because the shooting I have done was for editorials and therefore I can not show you, but that all will change soon I have a bunch of shoots going on the next couple of days, so there will be much posting

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sophie nova

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sophie nova

"Just Creatures of Silence"
Philadelphia, Pa 2010

Corwin Prescott - Sophie Nova