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Go get the new issue of Uncropped Magazine. Not only is it a little on the trashy side, but it has a pretty amazing water gun fight editorial with me and another beautiful redhead. 

Trashed issue of Uncropped Magazine

“Honey Bunny” by Julian Humphries featuring Hattie Watson and Amber Rose McConnell

Asking Julian to shoot film/disposable camera is kind of like asking Michael Phelps to swim.  The man does it and does it often, so when we came up with idea we knew we could count on him to knock it out of the park, and sure enough he did.

Not only did he bring together two of my favorite things gingers and more gingers, he threw in super soakers, roller blades, and nudity for good measure.

You can see the entire thing in print by clicking here to order (international orders go to  And subscribe to see exclusive outtakes.